About Us

The Highland County Antique Machinery Club Past Presidents of Show Years

1985 Paul Miler 2003 Jerry Dyer

1986 Dale Morrow 2004 Lou West

1987 Dave Hodson 2005 Trent Morrow

1988 Al Mills   2006 Larry Parker

1899 John McKarney 2007 Rodney Chamblin

1990 Stanley Fender 2008 Larry Parker

1991 Jerry Behm 2009 Eldon Donohoe

1992 Tom Pulse         2010 Don Chambers

1993 Gary Arledge         2011 Gene Malott

1994 Damon Morrow 2012 Trent Morrow

1995 Chris West 2013 Eldon Donohoe

1996 Dean Everetts 2014 Delbert Morrow

1997 Lou West 2015 Larry Unger

1998 Kevin Chambers 2016 Gene Malott

1999 Gene Young 2017 Eldon Donohoe

2000 Delbert Morrow 2018 Delbert Morrow

2001 Jerry Bhem         2019 Travis Mitchell

2002 Don Kelley         2020 Tim Luschek

2021 Tim Luschek         2022 Travis Mitchell

2023 Travis Mitchell

History Of The Highland County Antique Machinery Club

The club was founded on March 19th 1985.

The First meeting was held at the New Market township house, New Market, Ohio

Club Officers were elected as the Following

There were 16 member present and 3 visitors/Advisors from the Clinton County Antique Power Club.

Our first show was held on the South shore of Rocky Fork Lake near the restaurant, and continued there for 10 years. In 1995 the club moved its annual show to Amvets Park Located on North Shore Dr. where it continued for 25 more amazing years. 2019 was the last show at that location. Due to Covid-19 epidemic, There was not a show in 2020. In 2021 we held our first show at the Highland County fairgrounds, Hillsboro Ohio where we continue to be located.We are pleased with our new location, The show has been a huge success and we are making plans to be there for a long time

Over the past 38 years we have had 26 Presidents, Some of Which have served more than one term. We are extremely proud of our club and pride ourselves on our dedication to the preservation of antique machinery, tractors, engines, equipment and lawn & garden tractors. 

We as a club strive to make our Annual Shows a Family Friendly Environment And Spark Interest in the younger generations to Come. We hope to see you At our annual show held the last full weekend of June at The Highland County Fairgrounds, Hillsboro Ohio.